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Hurricane Season Appliance Tips

Hurricane season is in full swing here in Southeastern North Carolina. Here are a few tips to salvage your perishables if you fall victim to a power outage.

1) Upon loss of power a fridge will hold its temperature for about 24 hours as long as the

doors aren't opened often. Do your best to keep the doors closed as much as possible.

2) Prior to a storm's arrival, fill gallon-sized baggies with water and lay them flat in the freezer. They will freeze and this will help to preserve the life of your frozen food items.

3) In the event of an extended power outage, your washing machine can come to the rescue as a makeshift cooler. The washing machine drum will create an insulated barrier. Load it up with ice and store your perishables ASAP.

4) Unplug or switch off the breakers for appliances that are less than ten years old. This will protect the electronics in the newer machines from power surges.

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